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  1. I think those characters are not allowed as they interfere with some coding stuff, if I remember correctly.
  2. This is an interesting suggestion. Although, I must say, I haven't played any artists for that long until they die. I wonder if they will age infinitely in this game or they'll just disappear all together.
  3. Yeah I did point this out many months ago, I remember @Mark saying that he'll look into it.
  4. The hype should be maximum if you want it to debut with 100K+ sales.
  5. It has been 6 months. Not trying to be selfish, but we really miss you and your weekly updates. I hope that you're doing great and will emerge sooner or later to address this game's future directions.
  6. He just posted an update on Facebook yesterday.
  7. Try gaining reps in one's own continent first by booking the least popular TV shows available. Eventually, they'll gain enough recognition to book better TV shows.
  8. I've experimented with this for a while now, and what I've seen is that for albums, you have to keep promoting everyday for at least a month before it's release in order to see significant increases in the hype. This way, by its release date, the hype bar would have been either full or extremely close to the end. The same is not true for singles though, it's still a mystery to me. I can't seem to raise the hype beyond 10-20% of the hype bar.
  9. Not really, if you make any changes in the database, you have to start a new game in order to see the changes.
  10. I've also received the same error messages in my log, especially the first one, but my game never crashes. Strange ...
  11. I think you can edit the follower counts in the database.
  12. Sometimes producers with high ratings will not be available first until your artist have reached a certain level of fame in the game. At least, this is what I observed in my game.
  13. Additionally, do keep an eye on the ErrorLog in the game file. It will display the time and date when something goes wrong in the game, so with this info, you can easily trace back and reload a working save prior to the error.
  14. Hi guys, just want to let you all know that at the moment, Mark seemed to be super-busy with his personal life and work. But, don't stop posting your problems/suggestions in this forum because he will come back sometime in future to address them all. For the time being, my best advice would be to save the game frequently, maybe once/twice every month as you sim by. This is because, based on my personal experience, most of the glitches/errors that I've seen so far never reappeared after reloading a previous save. So, having a save file per month will be a lifesaver especially if you're playing years into the game and have established an important legacy with your label and artists. But this "fix" may only apply for the minor bugs such as duplicating/missing singles/albums/charts etc. If it's major then I suggest you to send a copy of the saves here and just start a new game for a while until Mark comes back with a new patch/update.
  15. Thought this has been fixed, but one of my single has created a duplicate. Can be seen in the "view single data" and "single statistics" tab. SavedGame.db SavedGame.r2s
  16. We appreciate everything that you've done so far. Take care of yourself man.
  17. Yeah I also have music videos and promotions turned on. But I do my own promotions too from time to time. Strangely enough, the music videos created by the A.I. are somehow of much higher quality than what is made by me manually most of the time. I only play with 1 artist at a time, so I love doing singles, albums and tours all by myself.
  18. Top 3? I've released 4 albums so far in a span of 5 years and I've only noticed two album tracks coming up on the singles charts every single time, not three. Additionally, I see that tracks with higher streams are not charting in the singles list but the lesser streamed ones are charting instead.
  19. As in when I started a new game with a new label. My finances was really going downhill during the first year due to some bad judgments (playing on hard mode btw). So I had to sell some of my shares to get some quick money before going completely broke by end of the month. Been using that money to pay off my pending bank loans and also to produce some good quality songs/albums for my artist. And I finally got back on my feet, For your info, I've managed to buy back all of those shares at last, this happened around 3-4 years later when the price somehow stopped going up during some point.
  20. With 2-3 additional songs right? I would like to see this happen as well.
  21. Thanks! Hoping to get 100% of my shares back.
  22. But I've only been playing with pop artists since this new update (v1.30)? Are there any other requirements?
  23. I can't seem to view the dance charts for other continents. The filter below isn't working. Currently, it's displaying the sales in the African continent only.
  24. I found a temporary solution for this. Just close the game and load the previous save. Worked fine with me, just remember to save before the 17th of May.
  25. Did anyone tried selling their labels' shares in the public market? I sold 60% of mine earlier in the game and when I want to buy them back, I find that the price becomes too expensive. I tried saving up and each time I tried to re-purchase, the price just goes even higher than the last time. Any ideas how I can get them back?
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