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  1. Hi! I would like to suggest that band members can do solo projects without breaking up or going to hiatus just like KPOP groups. Members can release singles or albums while still being part of the group. Also maybe SUB UNITS could be implemented too. Kpop Sub Unit is a unit within a kpop group and usually consists of 2-5 of the members depending on how big the group is. For example If i have a group/band with 5 members, I can create 2 sub units of that group. The 1st sub unit will have its own name and will consist of 3 members. The 2nd one will have a different name and will have the other 2 members.
  2. Hi! I would like to report some bugs. CEO Photo : you can choose one before you start the game, but there's no photo being shown in-game. Also in the Preference on the game menu, you can't actually choose a photo for your CEO. Digital Distribution Panel: When releasing singles and albums, I wanted to negotiate the percentages for any Digital Distributor but no matter what value you put, there would be no confirmation whether the offer is accepted or rejected. It also doesn't show how many percentage each distributor wants. Question : Is there a way to have the band members be offered solo contracts without them breaking up?
  3. Hi! i dont know if this is been suggested before but im gonna write it anyway haha. Well the soundtrack offers are great in the game. But i think it would be nice if movies and tv shows would use ur RELEASED songs as a soundtrack. also i think its a great feature if u can re-released singles, not the title tracks, but the side b singles, or any song in ur album that would do great in sales and charts. or U can do a remix album or ep (completely different from producing a remix song) or a remastered single, so u can re-release it. also it might help if u can rename the produced songs, cuz sometimes i would rename a non produced song to be a single then after producing, it would turn out not great. So i think its best if we can rename a produced song, but cant rename them after they have been released.
  4. Hi! So i have problems with how to select arenas... i didnt discover the problem before since it would always be consulted by my marketing team, but when I tried to do a world tour, I wasn't happy about some arenas that my team has selected so i tried to manually do it. The first column (10 "select arena" boxes) works fine but then the 2nd column and the 3rd, none of the "select arena" boxes is functional. When I scrolled down to the next batch of select arena boxes(since im doing 50 tour venues), the 4th column and some of 5th column are fuctional. 2nd problem, if i have to exit the game in the middle of my artists or bands in tours, the audience attendance would plummet once I get back and load my saved game. Attendances on tours before i save and exit the game would always be full. So I always make sure to finish my tour dates before I save and exit the game. 3rd Problem, I did an audition and it works fine. But then just like my 2nd problem, after i load my save game, the band I founded from the aution stopped receiving royalties from singles and albums that was released before I saved and exited the game. My other band (which was created in editor) didnt have a problem like this. 4th, I created my own studio, distribution and manufacturing. It works well, but 2 of my manufacturing facilities, doesn't have a list of singles or albums that uses the facility even tho I'm using it, my otger facilities works fine with my own label using it and otger labels too. Well thank you for ur hard work on this game!
  5. After this latest patch, still pictures chosen by the user as a EP or Album Cover still not showing up in album data.
  6. Seasons I know this might be kinda hard to do but it would be great if there are seasons in the game? U can create a seasonal song or something like that. But u can only do one or two every year. Just like in auditions. It's either u can do a summer single or a Holiday single or new year single featuring one or two or all of ur artist. But if that will slow down the game, then its ok maybe u can just do like a record label single and ep or album(maybe just once a year) with all of ur artist. Then do a record label music video and record label tour. Themes Adding themes to song production would be great. Like what the song is all about. It's more connected to the Seasons I suggested. Like u can do a break up song, a song about sex, or just a sexy song. A fun song, a travel song, a holiday song or a summer song and many more. Trends Adding trending list would be fun. Like if u released a break up song or a love song like adele's someone like u then it would take over the world. Or if u release a fun summer song with a great dance choreographed music video then it would start a dance craze like it would go viral and everyone will do the dance thing. Lol Covers & Remakes I hope we can do covers of songs or do a complete remake of the song but only if the artist who owns the song will agree to it. Hope u'll consider it. Thank u so much for all the work u did to this amazing game.
  7. My artist is featured in 6 different singles but when I go to my artists's financial data, I have $0 in collaborations. Been playing for like 3 years game time, but my artist still haven't got a soundtrack offer. He's number 1 in charts all the time with almost 98% Reputation in all continents. Also i checked award elements on the editor everything seemed ok but when the awards came my artist didn't win any single thing. Nominated for Best Pop Video with 700M views(most viewed video of all time), nominated for Best Single with 11M sales(number 1 on all time chart list). Instead of my artist, Adele won best pop video with just 113M all time views & Adele again in best single with 7M all time sales. Are awards randomly Generated? Or is there an algorithm bug or something. Sorry I had so many questions lol. Anyway thank u for the latest patch.
  8. Hi, Im kinda confused cuz my artist has alot of signed endorsements but then someone online said that i should do something to promite their brand? Am I missing something here? If I accepted an endorsement deal, what should I do to promote?
  9. What do u mean? To try it again after the new patch?
  10. Hi! I have my debut single for a new kpop band of mine. After i finalized all the release details and confirmed the asia only release. I went to single data, and it says it's not releasing in asia but it has stocks. And when i went to my band's schedule, the release is there. I think it's a bug.
  11. Hi i dont know if its a bug but when i check the box the says Generate Hype and Reputation Reports, it doesn't gives me a report then i realized that after i check the box and leave the staff panels it unchecks itself.
  12. I'm sorry for asking this but I wasn't around when the patch was up, when i got to update it was already so I didn't know what fixes and changes happen in
  13. Hi! Thanks for the new update Mark. Can u make the simulation stop when offered to do a soundtrack? Cuz i got an email about the soundtrack after I simulated a week, and the soundtrack is only up for 7 day submission. I took 3 days to produce my song then when i went to produce single/ep there's no button to submit anymore and when i check the movie soundtrack, the album is already filled. Hehe merry Christmas!
  14. Thank you mark. Then maybe a lot of music video/video choices next time. Also i hope u can allow multiple label artists on General Videos or maybe do a label music video with all of ur bands and artist like a year end special or something.
  15. Also in creating general video specifically A Video Performance, can we choose a performance? Just like in creating a performance music video.
  16. Hi! I wanted to suggest a Trailer or Teaser video to increase hype for an upcoming music video. Maybe more choices in making music videos like Choreographed dance, sexy choreography dance or u can start a viral dance music video. Also maybe u can create a general video with all of ur artists or maybe do a Label Music Video featuring all of ur artists to promote ur label and artists and their songs but u can only do that ones a year. Hope you'll consider it. Happy Holidays!
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