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Everything posted by Ace1193

  1. GRL, Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, Girlicious and Pussycat Dolls πŸ™‚
  2. The steam one not good this game has potential πŸ˜€
  3. Example k-pop is hugely diverse than just k-pop an like u said pop country an that would be so much more fun πŸ˜€
  4. Artist fatigue needs to be a thing an charting needs fixing as love game but gets extremely repetitive with chart placements
  5. So if iI want to release single or album. I should be able to release in certain places so if I am a k-pop act only release in korea but then if it gets radio play everywhere in asiaa, an feel like it’s becoming big in japan then i can release it there as feel it unrealistic if all of asia gets it. Should be optional but feel more real as not every uk artist releases in europe, just usually uk & ireland πŸ˜€
  6. My own so you make new festivities saved they are in you save quit go back in and there gone πŸ˜€
  7. Ok not on my computer but can send you mod link πŸ˜€
  8. I imported but sorted now was my mistake πŸ˜€
  9. No so i make a member part of band and when i go to band they don’t show up
  10. Have us perform songs at tv shows so when clicking book shows it should have a fifth option, which should say perform song and let us pick what song to perform it could help song get in the charts or if it fails and say its unreleased it could affect if we release it so be very risk and reward which makes it more fun and strategic.
  11. Sub Genres need too be in, as feels when doing k-pop, j-pop as example, you cannot differentiate what type of k-pop song it is, is it a edm type k-pop song, even with pop have country be a sub genre so it's a pop country sound. Feel this needs too be in to help song genres expand more and help with certain genres will benefit this.
  12. https://www.mediafire.com/file/bys7q8uxcl5iy4t/Road2Success_My_Revamped_Fake_World_Custom_Database.rar/file 80 artists will be adding more no pictures for artists, as it purely fictional. Hope you all enjoy suggestions will be taking the only thing I cannot take is festivals but can note them down as they are massively glitched at the moment, but hope you all enjoy it will release next version whenever feel more has been added in πŸ™‚
  13. Once 100 people are in will release early version and get feedback!! πŸ™‚
  14. It is going well adding some k-pop and possibly a j-pop inspired bands very exciting an some solo artists changed some labels too korean labels to put k-pop bands in its looking good now I know how to do bands now!! πŸ™‚
  15. Also concepts for bands should be optional but be brilliants for K-Pop.
  16. So when doing a tour setlist when picking songs for setlist, it should have if the song is off a album, single, ep or unreleased (and if some new stuff like mixtape, remixes etc). To make it easier to know what the song is off and if it off a album & greatest hits it should say from album x and GH or whatever you call your greatest hits.
  17. So in Korea, music is released so different to the west where it usually a song or two release so we should be able to replicate it for Korean bands also the line up change option needs to be in (for everyone but except Sugababes, in Korea it quite normal for line up changes to happen). Also production shows to make a new K-Pop band (this could be for everyone too but talking about Korean bands), performing at music shows. Also a song vault so let me explain what this means, so YG Entertainment as example 2NE1 had loads of songs in vault that Blackpink used and had successful singles so say we have a company with say two solo artists and a band we write a song for a band but it does not fit them have us be able to use it for a solo singer so song database should be filterable for a company we have. Also have trainess and this could be for any company but makes sense for K-Pop & J-Pop even C-Pop if we wanted too. Also sub units please too so if a band goes on hiatus let us make a sub unit based on if someone is in company but in hiatus or if they have left the company. Be so realistic and so fun πŸ™‚
  18. So when doing a single line distribution, now this sounds confusing will try and explain it in best way possible so song has 0% meaning no vocals have been added but each member has a slider, from 0 to 100 meaning if one member of a band gets 100 it basically is just them singing it but if u choose say 15, 9, 75, 1 makes 100% meaning four vocalists or a 4 member band would cover vocals be so cool sounds complex and not expecting this anytime soon but so cool and if a member leaves u could re release it with new member or if you don't want a new member continue with the remaining members. Song length so when producing it before release we could make our own number starting from 1.50 to 10 minutes limit as would be easier doing remixes radio edits etc be fun to do.
  19. also let us change a remix or collaboration genre as we could release say a japanese jpop song but say we want to re release in a different market could do a korean kpop version or a pop version for international market πŸ™‚
  20. Also let us rename the remixes too
  21. So to make this better as you can do collaborations and remixes, what I would love too see is say we remix or collaboration a song, keep the original version in once done hate that it's a risk to do it just would make sense and when we do remix we should be able to put a number of how many remix or collaborations we want or if we can't. Do that say when we go make a song called Money we make a remix but the original version of Money should stay so we can make more remixes or collaborations that we can make even if we release a ep full of remixes or collaborations oe of them can break the charts and make a Kelly Rowland Work situation, where the remix became bigger than the song.
  22. Thinking of doing a 2022 RWM did it for Music Wars Empire but less said about that the better it gonna be a what if mod as there is no deaths in this game but will be using my MWE to help in some aspects but exxcited will have neiche bands k-pop j-pop girl groups you never have heard of and boy bands as I am from UK want to make this so eclectic and different also some african artists like Tiwa Savages to Seyi Shay want this to be the most diverse and fun mod to do any suggestions please leave will take few dy break now and again to enjoy but overall extremely excited!! hope label limit ups soon as gonna change some existing unknown label to k-pp and maybe a african label but label ceo will be fictional πŸ™‚
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