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  1. I'm switching computers and just wanted to double check on which files I should transfer to the new computer to have my saved games. Thanks!
  2. This has happened to me too. No mods, using the real artists database. I think Mark said he had fixed it when someone originally reported it but it came back
  3. I think adding in a sorta “trendy fad” would be cool in the game. Such as Britney Spears’ debut, which followed with a lot of other blonde pop artists trying to replicate her sound, in attempts to have the same success. Or, like how non-Latino features in Latin Pop tracks was treading after the success of Despacito with Justin Bieber. Imagine this: Your artist has a breakthrough pop album with Ryan Tedder at the pen and produced with Dr. Dre. It’s #1 for ten weeks and on the charts for thirty weeks. A month later, and there’s some smaller and big artists trying to replicate your success with pop tracks written by and produced by the same people. Something where certain producers, writers, or genres (and possibly sub genres if it becomes a feature) are trendy in the game would be so cool, with copycats trying to replicate others’ record breaking hits. Something besides the current “popular genres per country” feature we have.
  4. Yes! We need more ways to promote. Also with the album covers, it might be cool to have a color wheel of some sort to just made the album cover a solid color or a gradient? So we don’t have to keep re-using the same preselected pictures, but rather have a color story for the album
  5. The X Factor show is really cool feature but I think it needs to be revisited to make better. The first thing I’ve noticed is that X-Factor contestants have a lot of missing info if you sign them, such as ethnicity. I also think it would be cool to see them get signed. A lot of them, including winners, never do anything after their season. It could be interesting to see them get signed and do well after being on the show. It’s realistic that a majority of them don’t do much after X-Factor, but I think at least a couple would be successful after. Judges should also be on there longer than a season or two. Maybe add an audience popularity to judges, based on how well their contestants do on the show? This way, judges stay longer. I had an artist be a judge on the show. And someone that was on her team won all three seasons she was on the show. I think it would make sense that X-Factor would want to renew her contract for more seasons. I think it’d also be cool to add in Syco Records, which also signs a few past X-Factor contestants. Possibly adding past suggestions for unsigned artists to release music independently may also help with this. And maybe the finalists’ potential singles actually get released as singles. It would also be interesting if contestants had past music released before being on the show, possibly independently released music?
  6. Perhaps different award shows could have different percentages? Billboard definitely should be mostly sales based. But a show like the Grammy’s should be more album / song quality based This way, not every award show has the same winners.
  7. I think this has been mentioned before, but I really think unsigned artists should be able to release music independently. Maybe the AI could only use earnings, to invest in producing music? I think this would aid with half the database being unsigned, and all unsigned talent just sit there. I’ve dropped artists that I got bored with, and they never get resigned, despite being some of the best selling artists in the current game. It would also be interesting to watch an unknown, independent artist get on the charts on their own and maybe get signed.
  8. I seriously need the full screen update 😭. My eyes get tired really quickly playing the game
  9. mesail

    Real World 21

    Some artist suggestions! Most of them are USA, sorry! BANKS (USA, indie) Donna Missal (USA, indie) Ryn Weaver (USA, indie) Aaron Taos (USA, indie) UMI (USA, R&B) Sarah Cothran (USA, pop) Carlos Vara (USA, rock) Justine Skye (USA, R&B) Niia (USA, pop) JGrrey (UK, R&B) Yuna (Malaysia, R&B) SHAED (USA, pop) (band) PVRIS (USA, pop-rock) (band) Cassette Tapes (USA, indie) (band) Njomza (USA, R&B) ZZ Ward (USA, indie) Zella Day (USA, indie) Léon (UK, indie) Miesa (USA, R&B) Rayvon Owen (USA, pop) Caroline Vreeland (USA, indie) Michelle Branch (USA, pop-rock) Niykee Heaton (USA, R&B) Pia Toscano (USA, pop) Nina Nesbitt (Scotland, indie) Sarah Close (UK, indie) Chase Atlantic (Australian, indie) (band) Emeryld (USA, indie) Paula DeAnda (USA, R&B) Dia Frampton (USA, indie) Judith Hill (USA, soul) Elia Esparza (USA, pop) Pale Waves (UK, pop-rock) BROODS (New Zealand, indie) (band) Gabby Barrett (USA, country) Tami Chin (Jamaica, reggae) Sean Paul (Jamaica, pop)
  10. The unproduced songs vanish? Or their released music?
  11. This happened to me too. One of my artists suddenly went to zero Facebook followers. I just told myself that they deleted their Facebook accounts though 😂
  12. I know Mark said he was working on revamping the award shows, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. Sometimes one of my artists release a record-breaking, super popular, 10 million+ copies sold type of single. And it may get nominated for award shows. But for some reason, another artist wins, who wasn’t even in the charts? Sounds like something that would happen at the Grammys, but EVERY award show has done this? And one of the awards shows has a Best Live Tour award. And a few times all the nominations have been my artists. But the announce winner space is blank, and the recap at the end of the show doesn’t even show Best Live Tour as a category that was on the show for that year.
  13. I’ve had two games now freeze when it tries to auto save. Both have been played for a long time (in the 2030s). They both freeze at 3% on the auto save after trying to simulate a week. The first time it happened I never noticed any prior issues. However with this second game that’s stuck, I noticed in-week game simulations would take a little bit longer than usually and the load time when first booting the save would take longer than usual. I’m not sure what’s wrong.
  14. Does anyone know the best ways to raise the label’s skills? Specifically judgment. I’ve been trying to sign pre-existing artists but they all say my judgment is too low
  15. Somehow I can go through developing the EP but the very last “Move On” before titling the EP doesn’t work. I can close out of producing the EP and continue to play, but if I try to produce it again, that very last “Move On” button doesn’t work
  16. I’ve noticed that too about music videos! And they end up costing way less than if I did it myself
  17. I’m just curious what you all have set for the ai to do. For me, I always have music videos and promotions turned on. I’ve never tried the album, tour, and single ones but I might try them out on a test game to see what they do
  18. I’ve tried to replicate it but it hasn’t done it when I’m trying to make the freeze happen. No custom database or changes to it. And it’s not a particular date. The freeze doesn’t occur often, in fact it’s rare for me. But it is frustrating because it happened right before an auto save
  19. Actually, I just went back onto the game and they’re under solo artists and are unsigned? Weird because I never got an email about it
  20. Hi @Mark, I’m really confused what happened. So with my girl group, one of the artists wanted to do solo projects. So the group went on hiatus. They went on another hiatus (while already on hiatus) due to controversy. One hiatus ended and I was able to release new music through the group and through the solo member. However, the second hiatus just ended, and both my solo member and band have disappeared. The band members aren’t even on the band members list. Thankfully, I was planning to break the group up, so I had all of them on my shortlist. They’re still on my shortlist, but I can’t do anything on the page. How can I fix this?
  21. I’m not sure if this is just my computer or the game itself. But my game freezes sometimes if I’ve been playing for a while. It’s almost always when I’m simulating a week and it gets stuck on Award Checks right before the game is meant to auto save.
  22. I made a list of suggestions, and this was one of them! I think it’ll really helpful to add this in. I keep forgetting which songs were on which album 😭 I think on the song, the album title could be right next to the song title, above the commercial stat? I think it would fit well there
  23. ALSO, one of my friends suggested simpler UI? But I think you mentioned the UI is getting an update?
  24. Hi @Mark, I’ve been playing for a few weeks and I have a few suggestions. Not sure if any of these are already planned to be in an update, but I just wanted to make a list. Also I manipulated a couple friends into playing the game! One of them said she’s played for a six hour session once! 1.) A way to sort songs on the “Release a Single” page, by filtering by album or by the year that it was produced. I’ve noticed that songs are sorted based on when they were written. Songs that were written a while ago but recently released on an album or EP are listed higher than songs that were written later but on the same project. Also maybe a way to sort or filter songs by album or year when making a set list for tours? My marketing always suggests their best songs instead of their more recent material. 2.) Hype for singles to build up hype for their respective album. I’ve noticed the hype system keeps hype for singles and albums exclusive. My artist had an album that was full on the hype meter but the singles had no hype at all. 3.) Choosing the songs that get performed on shows so that those specific songs build hype. Usually hype just builds for whatever the latest single that is scheduled and I tend to have many releases set up over months. So the single that’s set a year from now builds all the hype and none of the singles scheduled sooner get hype. 4.) A way to go back into the studio to rewrite an unproduced song, including songs that were purchased, and adding writing credit for whoever rewrote or reworked it. Maybe the lyrics stat could go up or even down depending on the ability of the person or people that rewrote it? 5.) An option to let a featured artist write their own verse or part on my artist’s song, giving the featured artist songwriting credit. 6.) A way to multiselect songs on the Song Database tab. I have a lot of unsused, unproduced songs that I want to sell but it takes a lot of time to individually sell them. 7.) An email for when a song that is up for sale by my artist gets sold? Not sure if this is already a thing but I haven’t gotten one for songs I’ve sold. I think it would be cool to know what artist it sold to, and to look up their latest project and see my artist’s songwriting credit. And this could even build reputation and hype for my artist because of their song writing credit. 8.) Not sure if this is a bug? But I’ve noticed that when an artist or band goes on hiatus, anything that’s already scheduled to release does get released. I think the released should be postponed, with an option to cancel the release all together. Maybe even a way to cancel or postpone releases, even if the artist or band is still active / not on hiatus. 9.) My friends are also suggesting a tutorial for when they first start a game? Not sure if this is a thing. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the game! I can tell some of these suggestions are going to need a lot of code before being implemented, if it’s possible. I hope you’re having a good week, Mark
  25. So I’m looking how to sign a band member as a solo artist. But I want to know if there’s a way to sign all the members as solo artists or if it’s only available for one member and everyone else stays on Hiatus?
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