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  1. Have you ever considered making a sequel for R2S or at least thought about adapted it into a new game? Since R2S is really the only music label game out there, I think it'd defiantly be something to consider. Once 1.3 is in a state where development can hold for it, those weekly patches can turn into weekly coding sessions for the next release and you'll have an alpha release on steam in no time!
  2. Game: 1. In the new UI, it should have more of an office feel, the home screen would be social media and actions from other labels, and then a ''My Office'' tab which would have most of the relevant actions the player can take. It'd be nice to have all artist and bands displayed in one tab and filters between talent depending on what they're currently doing like, ''Idle'', ''Recording'', and ''Touring'' so we don't have to keep going through all of them individually to see what they're doing. 2. Still in the ''My Office'' tab, I would love for there to be a side panel that displays the upcoming and latest releases by artists, this is very important for players that sign a lot of artist but only manually manage a few of them, it's get hard to keep track of what the AI is doing. 3. One simple screen to assign the AI to automatically manage talent instead of having to go through them individually. 4. Another tab in ''My Office'' that displays artists whose contract is about to expire, artists who are unhappy with the label, etc. 5. ''Pending Decisions'', a tab which will have just about every single possible decision that we the CEO needs to make. This could automatically pop up after every weekly sim or it could be somewhere in ''My Office''. 6. When booking a tour, the player can have the option to hire a live band, use the track, or prerecorded live instruments. 7. Random events that can force the player to have to cancel tour dates... or even the entire tour. Database/Editor 1. Labels can have logos 2. Award Shows - Nominations being announced weeks in advance from the award show. - Awards have a limit to how many people can be nominated for them, they can have reputations. - This one comes straight from MWE: Criteria's for how artists wins awards such as Popularity, Sales, Quality, Creativity, Mainstream, Urban, Ability, Live, and Sex Appeal. I really like the criteria element because it can make the game more realistic and reflect award shows in a more realistic tone to reflect how they pick award winners, For example, iHeart Radio Music Awards mainly pick winners based on their popularity rather than sales and the quality of the song/album. And for awards like ''Artist of the Year'', are usually determined by the Popularity, Sex Appeal, and Mainstream of the artist. 3. Festivals/New way to schedule them and award shows - Can have up to 40 acts - Should have a region based location such as Mid West, so that the AI doesn't pick venues outside specific areas. - Can have more than two dates - Also from MWE, the way the game is set up over there, it looks for months and weeks instead of a specific date like R2S. This allows it to have more of an organic feeling. In the screenshot, where the dates are it tells the game to host Coachella in April on 6 dates that fall on the weekend, and allows it to change to a venue that's on the west region of America. Coachella itself has a 92 reputation, but in order for them to invite an artist, that artist needs to have at least a reputation of 15 before they're invited to perform. k i'll update this post/thread as my brain thinks of other things soon
  3. In the future, I'd love to see the new main menu in a save actually be a fictional social media platform with all of the media sources reporting on news and events in a tweet-like form from all labels, award show nominations, festivals, tours, you name it. Even artists and bands will tweet from time to time whether it be them showing their love for fans, announcing new music, denying rumors, and more.
  4. As an artist career goes on, their reputation will eventually peak and no matter how much promotion and how much they sell, they won't gain reputation as much. This will also stop every AI artist from eventually getting so big that all of them can book stadium tours. Their genres will play the biggest role of how early in they peak and the ranges it will stop gaining as fast at. A Rapper/Hip-Hop artist is very unlikely to headline an Arena tour, they typically only book city halls and smaller venues and don't often chart very high so they should peak around here. A Pop artist however, can headline Arena tours and a Stadium tour but this isn't too common unless you're Taylor Swift or Beyoncé. So their reputation should start peaking around these levels.
  5. We see it a lot more nowadays when an artist either concludes a tour or they're still currently on one but then they suddenly start to blow up and their management sees this as the perfect opportunity to maximize profit and they decide to add more dates to their most recent tour. Yes, you can sorta already do this by scheduling a new separate tour and roleplaying it as an extension but wouldn't it be nicer if there was an ''Extend Tour'' button for the original tours without having to schedule another one?
  6. This, and since the game currently limits you to 16 songs on an album, a deluxe album would allow the re-release of the album that can have additional songs added to it as well as the other options elijero mentioned.
  7. Letting more than one producer produce a song, either their stats are combined in a balance way or there's a boost/efficiency stat that aids the production process which determines the overall quality of the song.
  8. Deluxe Albums just to add another touch of realism
  9. What if the player or CEO rather, had the ability to produce songs and albums for his artists signed under his label?
  10. It's not too common that a headliner has the same opening acts for the entire period of their tour, instead, they have different openers based on the continent that their tour leg is currently in. For example, Ellie Goulding would be a great opener for my Australasian and European legs because her reputation in those continents are 46 and 49, however, her reputation is only 15 in North America. So rather having her for the whole tour, I'd select someone like Ariana Grande to open for my North American leg because he reputation is 55 there. I think another feature would be to hire local bands/artists as well who would probably be completely unheard of but used as a much cheaper option.
  11. Multi-continent web shows to promote your artist, these includes popular ones on YouTube like NPR Music otherwise known for their Tiny Desk Concert series, Genius known for their 'Verified' and 'Open Mic' series or First We Feast that are known for their 'Hot Ones' series.
  12. Band Chemistry: When pairing up a new band, we should have to consider their personalities and if they can work and get along with each other, this will affect how they perform live, and the amount of delays they will suffer. Band Gimmicks/Concepts: When creating a band, the player should be prompted on what kind of gimmick the band will be presented as, this will affect how fast the band will gain recognition. A band that can sing and dance will gain more recognition faster than a band that can only sing. Constant YouTube Views: I understand that as time moves on, eventually the videos will have big drops in views but that doesn't mean it should stop all together. Award Considerations: Instead of automatically being put up for award nominations, the label should be given a time frame to submit albums/singles for award considerations. This will make the AI and Player more competitive and selective with their release dates. Sub-Genre: Albums can be release under sub-genres but only the main genre will determine what kind of awards it will be considered for. If the sub genres are ''Hip-Hop, Dance, RNB'' and the main genre is ''Pop'' then award shows will consider it as pop but the sub-genres will influence a few more sales. Multi-Role Bands: Bands can be a mix of singers and rappers instead of just one role. Award Nominees: Allow the player to see who's being nominated for awards in advance. Artist/Band Reunion Tours: After and artist retires and band breaks up, the player could negotiated a deal with them that can bring them back for a reunion tour. Merchandise: To give our artists more sources of income, we could be able to open up a clothing line for them and partner with any of the clothing sponsors in the game. Digital Release Only: In most cases, if labels don't expect an album to sell well in one particular side of the world then they would release it digitally only. Hiatus Loses Social Media Followers: I don't think when an artist goes on hiatus they should lose social media followers, a lot of the time their PR staff will be their followers active up until the artist returns and most hiatuses aren't announced to the public so there wouldn't be a need for a drop in followers. More Frequent Endorsements: Surprisingly my artist don't get too many endorsement deals and when they do,, they're typically very low in payment which seems unlikely for someone who has very high reputation. More Rapid Social Media Increase: I think social media should increase more rapidly when they do, especially after promotions and releases. Photoshoots Multi-Country Auditions: Auditions can be held in more than one country. Reduce The Minimum Audition Age: I'd say at least 16 is a better age, most K-POP Labels take teenagers at very young ages and train them up until they are 20 or 21 before they debut them. I understand what the lyrical, melody, and commercial ratings are but I think that's a long overdue feature and can be replaced with something like ''Quality'' which will represent all of those features but just in one. It especially doesn't make since when building a recording studio either, for that it should be based on the environment of the studio to affect how well an artist does their. Artist Can Write and Produce on Their Own: Most artist don't wait around for their label, only for them to approve their work for release. The player can go into their database and find that they have been frequently writing songs and producing them on their own. That's it for now, can't wait for the 1.3 BETA.
  13. Is it possible to remove the role restrictions on bands? I'd like to make a group with the mix of vocalists and rappers without the game forcing me to pick between the list of options it gives me. The band limit should also be raised to I'd say 10 at the very most. The band roles wouldn't be removed all to together but the pre-selected options would be removed to give the player the free ability to put together their band however they would like.
  14. Another feature I thought of which should really be considered is when we sign new artists or bands to our label, if our label is reputable enough, they will get boosted reputation upon signing with us. This is especially realistic for our K-POP Label Owners as in real life just like TXT being associated with BTS and BigHit Entertainment, they got a lot of reputation and success off the gate just for being announced as an upcoming band under BigHit and they didn't even release a song yet.
  15. For touring there should be new options to hire live bands for the artist and to hire background dancers.
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