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  1. Yesterday
  2. thehellblazer82

    90s mod

    How's this coming along? I'm eager to check it out
  3. What size databases are you using? I've come to figure out that the largest size just isn't a good idea, but I'm about as far into the game as you are Toby without any of those problems. Also, how good are your computers as that would matter too. Quite possibly, you might want to check your hard drive space on the drive your game is on as I'm sure the database is increasing every week with it decreasing ever so slightly every week too but after it increases. But any specific info will help Mark whenever he dives back in to fixing the game.
  4. My game is doing the exact same thing! Although, not in the 2030’s, it’s very early in the game. I started in 2021september, and by February 2022, it’s already taking hours! To simulate just one week!
  5. Last week
  6. If you have the time, Radio4000.com has a variety of channels curated by its users. I've learned people's taste in music varies wildly. You shouldn't have any trouble finding something you've never heard.
  7. I’ve had two games now freeze when it tries to auto save. Both have been played for a long time (in the 2030s). They both freeze at 3% on the auto save after trying to simulate a week. The first time it happened I never noticed any prior issues. However with this second game that’s stuck, I noticed in-week game simulations would take a little bit longer than usually and the load time when first booting the save would take longer than usual. I’m not sure what’s wrong.
  8. Earlier
  9. It gets longer to simulate or save in the game the further i get into the game! It’s taking hours to simulate just one week! I don’t think this is alright!
  10. He just posted an update on Facebook yesterday.
  11. 1.2 wasn't as feature rich compared to 1.3, so it wasn't as buggy.
  12. I owned Music Wars. It was pretty good, but the bugs and the dev's harsh tone made me question how good the sequel would be. And then it turned out to be bad. Is 1.2 not buggy? I had never played it much, but I just don't understand how 1.3 could be this buggy. And that artist hype thing looks a little like a display bug as the next day had most of their hype back, but just some artists don't gain much of anything that I'd just love to find out what I'm doing wrong. But the AI is just atrocious. I'm basically playing the game now to make enough money to save some of the artists I enjoy irl bec
  13. Chart Wars introduced me to these games. It had bugs too. I'd always get far into a playthrough and my game would stop simulating. It drove me nuts. Eventually, Rob left and never looked back. It was my favorite until I discovered Music Wars. The original version of the game is amazing. It's easy to understand and the layout is interesting. The sequel added some improvements but changed what I loved about the original. It had bugs, but the game was playable. Most of those bugs carried over to the last game in the series. It's the best one by far. There are some interesting features
  14. This isn’t game related but anyone miss Mark? He’s been gone for so many months and no updates. I don’t even want an update I’m just wondering if he’s okay or healthy.. I hope all is well with you @Mark just missing him
  15. As a person who’s been playing this for a while, I thought things like what I’m suggesting can soothe out the experience and make it even more pleasurable. Such as Chart predictions every week before charts the player would receive an email stating the line up for the charts for that following week. I would also suggest a more real album sales criteria such as the first week numbers I would like for an album to realistically draw 600-700k or more and be stable.. numbers drop drastically and move up slowly. I would also like reviews, more press and promo and award show performance offers to pro
  16. Honestly, I think it is simply down to a bug. I had been trying that suggestion of just send your artist out to do media before ever hyping a single, and it had built a little bit over 2 weeks. Loaded the game up and right back down to 0. The other one that had been building a little with her single that alarmed me dropped a bunch of her hype too. This game has so much potential, but it is a massively buggy mess. I hadn't even advanced a day just stopped because I needed to go to bed and it takes me an hour to go through the charts every Monday. I hope the dev can come back and fix all the bug
  17. Interesting. Just play around with the game. Try things you wouldn't normally. That's all I do.
  18. Nothing has fallen and I've had no negative incidents to my artists, just others periodically. The label rep gains have basically tailed off since I started having to spam that option in the media visits for some of my less popular artists. Yeah, the singles bar sometimes only hits halfway for a lot of them, but that wasn't what I was talking about as that doesn't seem to have much impact on sales. The ARTIST'S hype bar does by a metric ton, and I was just wondering why the gains vary so wildly between artists when I'm doing the exact same stuff. And that's part of the game's major problem as
  19. When starting the game, always put 51 points into Judgement. It allows you to sign any artists except the super-top-tier free agents. kysmartman is correct. Every artists you sign will raise your judgement skill.
  20. My artists have gained popularity from selling. Unfortunately, it was only +1 in certain regions. Your label's rep can fall drastically if something (album leaks, fan attacks, twitter hacks, etc.) bad happens to your artists. Either the hype bar for singles is bugged or it can only fill to a certain extent depending on the genre. Depending on the genre and month sales will be different throughout the year. Plus, the economy and musical tastes change with each country. I've done countless playthroughs with Beyonce and I swear the advertising campaigns don't affect sales. If
  21. Okay, it's a little weird that selling things doesn't gain you any pop, and I will add that doing the "My rep is high enough so reconsider that no" does in fact hurt your label's rep as I've just about stopped gaining label rep week over week despite practically owning the top 10 singles charts everywhere for 2.5 months now. What is causing some of my artists to struggle gaining artist hype? I've got some that will nearly max that out right before their first single is released, and I've got others that are barely halfway there or worse with their 2nd single coming out (I space them out e
  22. I'll tack on one more glaring bug. I've checked the enable auto-stock option on every single album and single I've released until I tested to see if the toggle was set backwards (so checking it turned it off instead of enabling it), and every single one shows me the option in the single/album stock to click to enable it, which doesn't work. That means you have to micromanage yet another thing every week.
  23. Try gaining reps in one's own continent first by booking the least popular TV shows available. Eventually, they'll gain enough recognition to book better TV shows.
  24. You have to start the game either with an artist (an option in the game setup) or just set your character to start with 50 to avoid that problem. If you start with a good artist, your judgement stat will skyrocket super-fast just because you'll be playing the game, so to speak which is how that skill improves (just sending them on media stops, picking good singles to produce, etc). But the best way is to just setup your character with 50 judgement, which is the min. required to get any artist, anyway. I wasted my first game too not knowing that and doing an audition to get a single act/singer
  25. Does anyone know the best ways to raise the label’s skills? Specifically judgment. I’ve been trying to sign pre-existing artists but they all say my judgment is too low
  26. I'm using the base real world database and whenever I try to take a look at my artists or try and select anything under the facilities tab the game crashes.
  27. I've been paranoid about this happening in my game to me, but it just happened to another label. It's possible that it is just a further problem with the label screen, but when I go in to view one label's artists, it's a blank list. The label screen shows 8 artists, and since there's no other way to find them, I can't prove which is wrong. Other label's artists display just fine though. Really don't want my game to quit working as I'm barely 5 months into it which takes forever to play that far when you have a decent-sized roster of talent.
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