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  1. Last week
  3. Sure, it still works for me but here's another one that won't ever expire https://discord.gg/3DcUvuN7Hk
  4. Yes! We need more ways to promote. Also with the album covers, it might be cool to have a color wheel of some sort to just made the album cover a solid color or a gradient? So we don’t have to keep re-using the same preselected pictures, but rather have a color story for the album
  5. The X Factor show is really cool feature but I think it needs to be revisited to make better. The first thing I’ve noticed is that X-Factor contestants have a lot of missing info if you sign them, such as ethnicity. I also think it would be cool to see them get signed. A lot of them, including winners, never do anything after their season. It could be interesting to see them get signed and do well after being on the show. It’s realistic that a majority of them don’t do much after X-Factor, but I think at least a couple would be successful after. Judges should also be on there longer than a season or two. Maybe add an audience popularity to judges, based on how well their contestants do on the show? This way, judges stay longer. I had an artist be a judge on the show. And someone that was on her team won all three seasons she was on the show. I think it would make sense that X-Factor would want to renew her contract for more seasons. I think it’d also be cool to add in Syco Records, which also signs a few past X-Factor contestants. Possibly adding past suggestions for unsigned artists to release music independently may also help with this. And maybe the finalists’ potential singles actually get released as singles. It would also be interesting if contestants had past music released before being on the show, possibly independently released music?
  6. Someone as probably said this before. But i think that artist and the label should be able to decide whether or not they want to do the features and it not just happening randomly. Adele never does features but in the game she’s the most featured artist in several of my saves! All I’m Saying is that we should be able to reject requests to feature on someone’s album and other AI controlled artistes should be able to do the same. And for the festivals, we should also accept and reject requests!
  7. Earlier
  8. Late reply. I am ok had some issues but coming back to life and havent given up on the game.
  9. All passed clear so not too sure what is causing it but its a local machine issue. If you load the avg dashboard it should tell you what it thinks. They often let you send to them for inspection too as its a false positive.
  10. This is every time? I would like to replicate and address
  11. I dont have AVG installed I have a paid for anti virus. I'll try and scan it in a multi anti virus scanner as sometimes false positive can come up. Ive raised this once before and it was cleared by that provider.
  12. I get this issue as well. Just just have to play around with the filters and it eventually shows up
  13. dont know how to fix it, damn... i hav tried a lot of things but it wont work. Im using AVG
  14. Anytime you go to run an .exe file and it vanishes, that means you antivirus software is quarantining it for some reason. You'll need to go into whatever antivirus you're running and whitelist it. Also, make sure you set it to run as Administrator. The game is safe btw so your antivirus is flagging it incorrectly.
  15. 2026: Ready For It was a commercial success making it Olivia’s first song to ever peak and debut at #2 on The Billboard Hot 100. Ready For It remained stable and stayed #2 for a fitting three weeks consecutively. Many considered this a flop for Olivia as if she was losing her touch in career. As she released second single off her album “End Game ft. Jay Z and Kanye West” this single debuted at #1 with 610,000+ copies sold first week making it the highest selling #1 song in the US. End Game finished the year string being the 10th most streamed song in 2026 and the 10th most bought. She also released other singles from this album. She gained 3 #1’s from this album alone which was genuinely concerning considering the amount of success Insatiable generated many of Olivia’s fans and the general public consider this “Olivia’s flop era” or third album slump. On July 13th 2026. Noire was finally released. Noire debuted at the top of the album charts generating 240,292 first week making it again the highest first week for a album in the U.S making Olivia the first ever artist to take back a chart record (Timbaland held the record at the time). Noire also submitted the charts for 9 weeks similarly to Insatiable with having the same weeks consecutively as Insatiable. It was the third most streamed album of 2026 closing out the year. Noire also won 2 Grammys in 2027 for “Best Pop Vocal Album” & “Album of the Year” giving Olivia her 4th Grammy of her career and her first ever “Album of The Year” Grammy. Olivia also took “NOIRE” on the road generating 4.480M tickets sales making Olivia the first to break her own record of the highest attended tour ever she also is the only person ever to hold the #1 and the #2 spot for highest attendances on Concertmaster. 2027: In this year Olivia took a refreshing break and during this break Olivia simultaneously wrote and teased 2 projects one named “Silver Lining” and another called “2003”. “2003” was the first one released. “2003” was a featureless album with pop synth sounds of the late 2000’s while “Silver Lining” was a pop edm country album with 2 features that consist of Marshemello and Jay Z. Olivia also planned 2 tours simultaneously for both albums. “2003” was the first album released. 2003 was released September 6th, 2027 while Olivia planned to release Silver Lining a following 1 day and 6 months after the record. 2003 went on its opening week to do 263,654 sales. Olivia again broke her record as the biggest opening week in US history for an album. The album remained at its peak of #1 for 10 weeks consecutively. Extending Olivia record as having the most weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 with 28 weeks at the time! The 2003 World Tour also went onto do 4.474M in ticket sales making it the second highest attended tour of all time. Making Olivia the first ever artist to have the 1st, 2nd, 3rd highest attended shows ever in history. Olivia took the remainder of the rest of the year promoting the album closing out the year with a AMA award and preparing for the release of the follow up Silver Lining
  16. 2021: Olivia Isabel Rodrigo (born February 20, 2003) is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She was signed under AG Productions at the age of 16 and released her debut single “All I Want” on February 15th 2021. This single was highly reviewed considering she was 16 years old and wrote this heartbreaking ballad from start to finish the song had somewhat moderate success but failed to go platinum or even gold in the US with 400,000+ copies sold it also peaked No.18 on the Billboard Hot 100 becoming her first top twenty hit of her career. Despite the song peaking fairly high it only lasted 3 weeks on the charts but this was only truly a taste of longevity Olivia would hold in the near future. She released 4 singles in 2021 after all critically acclaimed and 3/4 going top ten on the Hot 100. 2022: Olivia Rodrigo had a somewhat success in her debut year and starting of 2022 with a bang with her first top four hit on the U.S charts with her single “Ain’t It Fun”. Aint It Fun was released January 31st, 2022 and was the first lead to her debut album “lately I feel everything”. Taking time to write her debut and adjust to a more mainstream life she released her second single “I Knew You Were Trouble” on April 11, 2022 debuting No.7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and becoming one of Olivia’s best performing singles as it was very stable in its first 9 weeks. 7 days after the release of her second lead she released her debut album “lately I feel everything” along her third lead off the album called “you belong with me” lately I feel everything is a 14 track album with no features, the album was a commercial success debuting at #3 with 75,000+ sales sold first week and later peaking at #2 (it’s highest peak). While “you belong with me” was also a commercial success and released with the album simultaneously. it debuted atop of the Hot 100 at No.1 with 2 non consecutive weeks making it Olivia Rodrigo’s first #1 debut ever at the top of the charts it also won Olivia her first ever award and her first ever VMA for “Video of The Year” 2 months after “You Belong With Me” Olivia released her 4th single off her debut album called “still into you” this song was also a commercial success and her best performing song at the time debuting again at #1 going certified gold in its first week of release and staying at the top of the charts for 2 weeks non consecutively. This single was also known for its great stability. After the release of the song Olivia released her last and final single off her album called “one of those crazy girls” which debuted #1 and stayed at the top of the charts for one week ending the lately i feel everything era in October which making the album the 10th highest selling album of the year. 2023: Olivia Rodrigo started off her 2023 with a Grammy performance of “still into you” and a “Best Pop Solo Performance” Grammy for “still into you” she took 2 month break and spent the remainder of the break writing her Bubblegum Pop, EDM, and Pop Punk infused sophomore album “Insatiable” on March 6th, 2023 she released the first lead to Insatiable “Bubblegum Bitch”. Bubblegum Bitch debuted #1 making it her 4th #1 debut at that time. Olivia also released the second lead to her sophomore album and first collaborative song with Justin Bieber “Somebody That I Used To Know” on July 3rd, 2023 debuting at #1 at the Hot 100 for 2 weeks success also being a great performing single she waited till November to drop her third single to her sophomore “Oh No” on November 13th debuting #1 again. This single later went on to win a “Best Pop Solo Performance” at the Grammys becoming Olivia’s 2nd Grammy win of her career closing out the year 2024: Olivia let the first 2 months go by as she waited March 4th to release her sophomore album “Insatiable”. Insatiable debuted #1 with 227,079 first week sales making it the highest first week sales in the U.S at the time. Insatiable was at the top of the Billboard 200 for 9 non consecutive weeks (7 weeks being consecutive). Insatiable is a 17 track album with 5 features. Insatiable had 7 singles released from the album all 6/7 all debuting at #1 making it the album with the most #1 singles In Billboard history. This album received an AMA and a mass of 4 Grammy Nominations her sweeping 0/4 surprisingly. This album closed out the year being the highest selling album of 2024. Olivia also toured with this album generating 400M+ in revenue with 4.02M ticket sales making it the highest attended tour in the US ever at the time. 2025: This was Olivia’s complete off year she felt a break was needed after the release of her monster success sophomore album “Insatiable” she took a full year off with no singles, no collabs. Just writing songs that are fit for her next album. She decided that her next album was gonnabe her darkest one yet as she named it “NOIRE” killing off her Elktra Heart homecoming queen persona she took on during the Insatiable Era. Noire had 20 tracks with 5 being collabs and 15 being solo singles. She took the remainder of this year teasing her new dark single with promo videos. The lead was called “Ready For It” and it was set to be released January 26th, 2026 with a video premiered simultaneously.
  17. When I have a song produced is no longer shows in the database, no matter the filter. With the photo, not quite sure what to show but here are the only songs showing in the Database, none of them are produced. It's happened on a couple of Saves now.
  18. continuation. pt. 1 of 2016, because i'm lazy. ⸻ 2016: LIBIDO Era, Acting Roles, Growing Popularity... To start the year, Jinyoung featured in Ysobel Water's Who's Loving You Now, and Maude Hemmer's When Did You Know, however, his next big musical project came officially at the end of February with the release of the single: feverish, the synth, vocal-heavy track inspired by retro music and modern R&B. The single received some mixed reviews from critics, but still managed to get #1 Worldwide, selling 1.2 million copies in its first week of release. In early March, Jinyoung was confirmed to be in a relationship with singer Atmaja Lockley and featured in Louise Skipp's Rock n Roll Bull. The negative comments on feverish made a lot of people especulate this would be the end of elated, that he'd only have one succesful era in his career and become a nobody. On March 17th, however, elated won a Grammy - Best Album for ECSTATIC. During his acceptance speech, Jinyoung hinted on his upcoming project, a new single coming very soon and an album at around September, or even sooner. Like he said, two weeks later, on April 11th, elated released 'who am i tonight?', a punk-pop song inspired by the early 2000s. Unlike the previous single, it received critical acclaim. The singer's lyricism was complimented to no end, and many applauded his music video for the amazing visuals. The song reached no. 1 on several countries and in two weeks, it sold over 240,000 copies Worldwide. However, the same day the song dropped, Atmaja Lockley made some seriously shady tweets about elated and basically announced to the whole world she had dumped him. elated did not let the comments phase him, and celebrated that feverish reached 7.8 million copies sold (counting physical, digital and streaming sales). In May, he starred in another Netflix original movie, titled Cupid's Mistakes. feverish and who am i tonight? reached 8.5 million and 4.2 million copies sold, respectively.
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