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Users Game details

Label Name: X Tune Label
Game Start date: 2005/01/01
Game Difficulty: Normal
Database size: 1254 Artists, 49 bands

Financial details

Current Balance: 49,751,930

Users facilities

Number of Studio's owned: 1
Number of Distribution facilities: 0
Number of Manufacturing facilities: 1

Label Reputations

North American reputation: 100
UK reputation: 90
European reputation: 100
Asian reputation: 100

Number of aritst/bands

Total solo artists: 14
Total Bands: 0

Top Selling releases

Total Singles Sold: 88589022
Total Albums Sold: 105273769

Total Platinum releases: 55
Total Gold releases: 76

Top Selling Solo Single: Octavia Braybrook
Top Selling Solo Single totals: 3,853,236
Top Selling Solo Album: Octavia Braybrook
Top Selling Solo Album totals: 10,850,787
Top Selling Band Single: N/A
Top Selling Band Single totals: N/A
Top Selling Band Album: N/A
Top Selling Band Album totals: N/A

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