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    Version 1.3 is out now!

    Version 1.3 is out now!..Read More



    1.3 release date to be announced!

    We're finally there, I am finally at a point when I can announce the release date of 1.3 Read more to find out when you can find this out...Read More



    Whats coming in version 1.3

    I have laughed, i have smiled a lot, I have cried I have got very angry but I am finally reaching the end of the production of version 1.3 so why not tell you about what is in this release ahead of time...Read More



    Version 1.3 update!

    I am still working hard on version 1.3 of the game and if you dont follow the facebook page you can see in this post a list of artists coming to version 1.3. Also watch this space for more 1.3 information very soon...Read More



    Version 1.2 released!

    Its taken a long long time but finally I can announce version 1.2 is now out and can be accessed via the download page...Read More



    Version 1.2 Artist list

    I written a page which will list all the artists and bands currently in the version 1.2 database and is being expanded nearly daily. If you want to have a look click read more and you can see for yourself. This page will be refreshed with the latest additions.Read More

  • Wednesday


    Artist stat changes

    Today I talk about artist stats and how they have changed in the latest version. Find out what stats the artists have and how they can change.Read More

  • Monday


    Schedules and how they have changed

    Not a huge update today. I am talking about schedules and how they have changed, click the read more link to have a look.Read More

  • Sunday


    Promotion changes

    Version 1.2 comes with a completely rewritten promotion area, no longer is it just a big list of radio shows, tv shows etc, this has all been seperated and also some automation has been added, read more about all this.Read More

  • Saturday


    Endorsement deals

    One of the new ways artists can make some extra money is through endorsement deals, read more about how they will work.Read More

  • Friday


    Rap Rivalries in 1.2

    Rap/Hip-Hop rivalries comes to version 1.2 of The Road 2 Success! Rap or Hip-Hop artists can now develope feuds essentially creating diss tracks directed towards each other, read on and find out more about this.Read More

  • Wednesday


    Relationships in 1.2

    Version 1.2 introduces multiple new relationship types, be it relationships with other artists from a work perspective or even a relationship one, today ill talk about work relationships.Read More

  • Tuesday


    Ways to improve Artists stats

    Today I talk about whats new in respect to improving artist stats, making them happier or improving their writing ability or just improve their morale or more. Check out the article which includes screenshots.Read More

  • Sunday


    Release types in Version 1.2

    In version 1.2 I have introduced a few new release types including EP's as well as a few others to come and have a read and see whats coming.Read More

  • Saturday


    1.2 Saturday 8th October Update

    Did you know that Wendy Williams will feature in version 1.2? Well you do now, if you want to see how and also read about the new way to get musicians to write in 1.2 then read more in todays update.Read More

  • Monday


    1.2 Monday 3rd October Update

    Another day and another post about whats new in version 1.2 of The Road 2 Success. Today I will talk about another set of new features and have included some screenshots to show them off. Todays update is rather short but you should expect some information nearly daily so watch this space..Read More

  • Sunday


    Sunday Update 2nd Oct

    This week I have been testing the game out heavily making sure the game can progress on past the usual few weeks testing I would do to test new features. My usual routine would be to code a new feature, enable some admin features to force whatever it is to happen whenever I say so I can test it works as it should. This means that I don't often get through a couple of months before testing out another save as often with new features I have to test the new game will start and can save etc without issues...Read on to read the Sunday update.Read More

  • Sunday


    Thanking you

    Posted by Road to Success Game on Sunday, 22 May 2016
  • Sunday


    1.2 Test - Got Radio airplay

    Couple of days of bug squashing. My test game is with one of my favorite DJ's Benny Benassi. His latest track featuring Justin Bieber is getting airplay, which in turn has increased his release hype, the marketing is paying off.

    Posted by Road to Success Game on Sunday, 17 April 2016
  • Friday


    Version 1.1.20 update

    Version 1.1.20 has been uploaded in preparation for the server move. DNS will be changed over the weekend. Any problems please let me know.

    Posted by Road to Success Game on Thursday, 31 March 2016
  • Wednesday


    R2SOnline screenshot part 2

    The picture I posted is titled R2SOnline. the aim is to keep all stats etc in the game so I can focus on game dev not...

    Posted by Road to Success Game on Wednesday, 16 March 2016
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